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Project “Psyché and Eros”

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Fairy Godmother

Project “Psyché and Eros”

Project "Psyché and Eros". Its name is inspired by Greek mythology - the goddess of mental health and her story with the cupid Eros. This concept highlights the importance of mental health, which has become more and more talked about lately. People often hide their mental health problems and they are afraid to address the problems with those around them. But our mental health is important, and we are lucky that we don't have to hide it, like Psyche and Eros had to hide their love so they wouldn't make Venus angry... because we often want to solve our problems, but we are afraid of making those around us angry. The concept of this photo is based on photographer’s own experience, when she had to learn to accept even her sad self and accept depression, tetanic attacks and panic attacks as part of her life and not be afraid to talk about it.

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