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My atelier


My studio is a dream come true. It is located in Bratislava. In 2013, I launched my floral accessories brand called Magaela. At first, I turned my living room into a Magaela workshop. And since I had to take photos of my floral accessories to be able to add them to my eshop and since I fell more and more in love with product photography, a temporary photo studio was created in the room across the hall. 

But over time Magaela grew, as did my love for photography. In 2020, I got the opportunity to move my handmade workshop to new premises. It didn't take long and the opportunity for my own professional photo studio came along. I immediately knew I had to take the plunge. 


Today I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. The studio is flooded with light, is very spacious, and offers the possibility of several scenes at once. It is equipped with high quality professional equipment. I have hundreds of dresses and costumes available for photo shoots. I also collaborate with well-known Slovak and foreign designers.

I am a lover of art in all its forms. I love old pictures and paintings, and so is my studio. Modern, yet full of objects that breathe of times gone by and which properly complete the atmosphere of photography. I also use my Magaela brand in the shoots - the styling can be enhanced with flower crowns, garlands and jewellery from my workshop as needed and requested.


I work with qualified makeup artists, hairstylists and an amazing costume designer who creates various props for me on request such as moths or angel wings, giant snails and so on. Oversized flowers from EternalFlowers often complete the scene background. The studio is also equipped with a kitchenette with a seating area where you can enjoy coffee or snacks. It is also equipped with a toilet. I believe you will be enchanted and feel like you are in another fairy tale world...

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