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In the beginning I was afraid to show my photos to a wider audience. But I found the courage and with each photo I moved forward, creating my own projects, composing stories. Photo by photo, I put together a mosaic of my vision of the world. I have enjoyed the gallery on my social media, but it's time to move on. Today I know that the photography is what fulfills me. And what fulfills me even more is your interest and knowing that you are trying to read my photos... Today I am able to open myself up to you. Because every photo is a piece of me. You can purchase original fine art prints ( metal plate prints, wood prints, canvas prints...) - each one in high quality. I also offer high quality fine art prints, with framing that enhances the atmosphere of the whole image. If you decide to support my work, you will become the owner of a limited edition print. Each print will be delivered to you with a certificate and my signature. The size of the prints is individual as each one is an original. Smaller prints in larger editions are also available. The prints are printed on Hahnemühle canvas and are printed in a museum-quality on an Epson printer, but it is also possible to purchase a less expensive poster version. We will discuss the final print together. There are also ready-made prints available for immediate purchase. Thank you for making me realize that following dreams despite obstacles is the right thing to do...

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