Pregnancy photography

Basic package - pregnancy art photography

Price: €450 plus €70 makeup/hair

The photo appointment must be arranged in advance by phone at tel. number 00421917088983 or email In reverse I will send you the currently available dates for the coming month, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. The term is binding after payment of the deposit in the amount €150.

When is the ideal time for a maternity photo shoot?
The ideal time for pregnancy photos is around the sixth month, but it all depends depending on the size of your belly and how you feel. During the photo shoot, you will be provided with the best possible comfort so that you and the baby can enjoy and feel during the photo shoot progress pleasantly…

What do you get with this package?
​A selection of the three best solo photos in art editing If you can't choose and you want more photos, of course you can. The price art retouching for each additional photo is €100 (without VAT).

If you like other photos outside three basic ones, but you don't want art retouching anymore, it is possible to buy photos only with by simple adjustment in the light room program - in this case the price is one photo €20 without VAT (suitable for snapshots). Unedited photos fall under copyright law number 185.

As a photographer I reserve the right to refuse to provide and upload unedited photos. The previews that will be provided to you for the final selection are not intended for publication, you are not entitled to edit them or present them as final photos are intended exclusively for the final selection and subsequently my retouching.

What is included in the price?
- scene
- photo studio rental /3.5 hours - €100/
- professional classic beauty makeup and hair treatment worth €70
- 1 x styling (selection of dresses by mutual agreement, accessories from Magaela's workshop, others accessories and props in the amount of €50 per person)
- an hour of photography
-  2.5 hours of preparation (selection of styling and accessories (1 hour), make-up, hair treatment (1.5 hours) hour)
- photo processing - 2 hours of backing up photos, sorting photos, uploading selection of photos, preparation for final editing
- final touch-up (approximately five hours)
- 3 final photos and submission of photos
- small snacks (coffee, tea, water...)
- free parking in front of the studio

Partner photo shoot
Pregnancy is a beautiful period of life not only for women, but also for expectant mothers fathers. Would you like to have your partner take photos too? No problem, just me o to announce this request and agree on the photo shoot concept in advance. You can pay extra for styles and scenes among others You can pay for any number of photos repeatedly within the frame

As I am a big perfectionist and I can never imagine how a given photo shoot will turn out to take place, I decided that it would be best for both parties if we started from basic period. Well, in case you want more scenes and stylings, I'm also in favor extended multi-day photo shoot, it all depends on your imagination and financial budget.

As an art photographer, he always tries to give his clients the best possible the result. Someone takes pictures really easily and often creates too much a lot of photos after just a few minutes of taking pictures, but someone can't relax to take pictures or he doesn't have his day and we rather go with confidence and a minimum number of photos.

It's hard to tell an artistic soul how to work today, it affects that really many factors, but in any case I always try to get it out of myself and you best to please both parties…

The package does not include…
- maternity bodysuits or underwear - this is necessary for hygienic reasons provide your own for the photo shoot
- styling for men needs to be ordered in advance or you can take care of your own neutral styling. I recommend a light variant in brown or light blue tones - shirt, pants. I mostly photograph clients barefoot. The second variant is dark styling for choice and ideal matching to the scene.

When will I receive the photos?
I submit the photos within 30-90 days of the electronic photo shoot form, via a download link (Wetransfer). It is necessary to download the photos and ideal to back up. The price of resending the photos is charged in the amount of €30

Will I receive the photos in printed form?
Photo printing is available upon request after a personal agreement for an additional fee according to the current one price list of the print printer.

Photos can be printed as:
- classic photos in the required format
- fine art print - certified photos on art paper with the best color, minimum lifespan of 80 years
- a picture in a frame. We carefully select the frame together after consulting directly with with a printer tailored to the given photo.
- metallic print, fine art print, lifespan of 80 years

From my own experience, I can state that the canvas is currently one of the the most popular, affordable options. The canvas is of high quality and in different sizes sizes

Additional services
​- each additional styling €50/person, children under 10 €30
- studio rental €30 for each additional hour outside the paid package
- expedited delivery within 14 days, €50 surcharge
- expedited delivery within 3 days, €100 surcharge
- rental of oversized flowers (by agreement) from the Eternalflowers workshop, €50
- in the case of artistic make-up and hair treatment, e.g. in the style of vintage, pagan make-up, muerta or fantasy make-up is paid extra from 50-100 euros according to demands and requirements
- I keep the photos for one year, after which they will be deleted. In case interested in archiving photos, it is necessary to pay an additional fee of €20 per year

Course and time of photography

- we will call or agree on the topic and style of the photo shoot in writing, we will talk about to what kind of photos you like, how you would like to look or act, for whom purpose we will create photos, what you like and what you don't...
- I will ask you to send your current mobile photos so that I can she was able to make the best possible impression of you, she was able to empathize with your needs and created for you the best I could.
- I will also need you to indicate your ready-to-wear size, hair type and length, skin type…
- in the case of a photoshoot with a partner, we will discuss together what style you would like styling

- the total photo shoot lasts from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. (according to the complexity of the preparation, styling), so it is better to reserve more time in case of the unexpected slide

Preparation from home:
- before the photoshoot, I will send you information on how to prepare for the photoshoot, as well as to me you will hit what to bring with you, as well as many other useful tips to your the photo shoot went as well as possible

On-site preparation:
- selection of styling, 30-60 minutes
- visage 30-60 minutes
- hair 30-60 minutes
- photo shoot within 60 minutes

The location of the photo shoot is the studio of Michael durisova photography located in Bratislava at Vyšehradská 12/s. Parking is free directly in front of the studio as part of the photo shoot

Disclosure and protection of personal data

In the event that you do not wish to include your photos in my portfolio and do not wish to, to be published on my website and social pages, please notify a mutual agreement that I will fully accept.