Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother - After a year, I managed to arrange a photoshoot with my mom again. This time we turned her into a fairy godmother. Lately I've been heavily influenced by renaissance paintings, so together with my MUAH artist, we created an extraordinary fairy godmother. This photo mirrors and merges our joint creativity and feelings. Baska Slováková created the wings and the moth, which is often considered an ugly creature. I know many people who are actually afraid of these creatures and they see them as a symbol of evil. I am, however, fascinated by moths and I firmly believe that looking at these photos of my mom you will at least pause to reflect that beauty can come in many forms - what one may see as "ugly" another may find "beautiful"... I think all feelings are just fine as long as they don't escalate into attacks and hatred. I think everything can be looked at with humility and love. And that's what this extraordinary beauty of life is all about.